Dependable in the Community: Surviving the Horror of the Zombie 5k Mud Run

Preface: Zombies are dead bodies reanimated by viruses or magic in popular culture. They are mindless creatures with a taste and affinity for human flesh and entirely no concept of self-preservation. From The Walking Dead to George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, zombies have been immortalized on television and movies. Though there isn’t any real-life proven example of a zombie in actual existence, they are widely fantasized as the most plausible cause of an apocalypse. As such, they form a massive and comprehensive part of our lives as fans!

The undead were all around at Buckelew Farms for the 2016 Zombie 5k Mud Run! Dependable Health Services sponsored 30 spots where employees and friends and family members of employees got down and dirty in the spirit of community and a serious will to live. These brave souls navigated terrifying settings, challenging obstacles, and a strenuous run across an open cornfield and mud puddles. The ’16 Halloween event was a mix of fun and terror unlike any event you could have dreamt of! Imagine running through an uneven terrain full of mud, dirt and grime with zombies and monsters at your heels. The elements do everything to stop your run while you make every effort to survive, to reach the “safe zone”. The “survivors” then received special treats in celebration for making it out alive, and they received photos with their favorite monsters too!