Is There Value in Pima County Programs?

Dependable Health Services has been blessed with the partnership we have developed with Pima County. The programs aid students in funding their education and educational needs, the businesses provide careers and gain new grads with the most recent knowledge and techniques related to their fields of study, and the colleges grow in enrollment. Pima County has several programs they have initiated and listed below are the main ones Dependable participates in:

Pima County One-Stop Career Centers

-Tucson Youth Development
-Dislocated Worker Adult and Youth Programs
-JTED (Joint Technical Education District)

Dependable Health Services is very engaged in several of the business services offered through these offices and have been able to provide employment and training to the participants. Besides employment, the employees/students receive grants to pay for their education, training, books, glasses, shoes and items necessary for their education and training. Dependable has actively supported these agendas:

HPOG – Health Professional Opportunity Act
NET – New Employee Transition
OJT – On the Job Training
WEX – Youth Work Experience
YCC – Youth Career Connect

In the last two years, Dependable has been a very strong supporter to the Pima programs and for the students willing to strengthen their skills and knowledge. Employees in our facility have probably noticed several people throughout the office that are there for short periods of time ranging from usually 120-300-hour stints. Overall, Dependable has trained 18 young adults in the NET, OJT, WEX and YCC programs and assisted 6 successful HPOG students. Dependable declares the Pima County programs to clearly be a win-win-win opportunity for all businesses, students, and colleges involved!