Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Spanish speaking care providers are readily available and other languages are available on a case by case basis using available community interpretive services.

We serve patients within a 60 mile radius of Tucson, Nogales, and Las Vegas.

That depends on many variables. Private insurance companies and Medicare have complex rules to determine what they will (and will not) cover. Each case is unique. To determine whether your insurance will pay for our services, we will research your specific insurance coverage and process all necessary reimbursement paperwork. Dependable Health Services accepts and bills most insurance claims, including AHCCCS and Medicare; if you’re covered, we can handle the paperwork so you don’t have to. In those cases where insurance coverage is not available, we accept all major credit cards.

Yes. Our office is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Nights, weekends, holidays—we’re here to assist you when you need us!

You or your insurer pays Dependable for homecare services. Dependable pays the employee who is providing the homecare services.

Yes. We provide complete insurance coverage for our employees, including liability, Worker’s Compensation, and bonding insurance. Liability insurance covers any damage an employee may cause; Worker’s Compensation covers injuries to an employee while in your home; and our employees are bonded against acts of dishonesty.

Each of our employees is required to attend monthly in-service training conducted by health-care professionals. This training ensures that our employees maintain quality care and service and fosters constant skills improvement. Dependable Health Services also maintains a Professional Advisory Committee that serves as a resource for innovative health-care ideas.

Absolutely. Our employees must pass a stringent interview process as well as thorough background checks, drug screening, skills testing, and examination of their health-care experience. We check all references and we also require fingerprinting of our field staff. In short, we take all the steps necessary to ensure that we send you qualified and reliable health-care professionals.
Yes. Dependable Home Health is licensed by the State of Arizona and Nevada for home health care and must comply with guidelines set forth by the Arizona Department of Health Services. We are also certified by the federal Medicare program. In addition, our company is bonded and insured.
Dependable Nurses, Inc., has been in business since 1992. Dependable Home Health, Inc. has operated since 2002.

A “plan of care” is developed with, and for, each client. A Dependable RN Case Manager collaborates with the client, the client’s family and the physician to define each individual’s plan. This plan specifies the level and type of care needed, and the frequency of treatment. The Case Manager then serves as the conduit though which information passes from the client, doctor and caregivers. The plan of care is then updated every two months, or more often if required.

Dependable Health Services provides a full range of home health-care services. We work with you to fulfill your needs-everything from a one-hour bath visit to round-the-clock care.

Simply stated, home care involves health-care services provided in a patient’s home. But there is much more to it than that. Home care is a collaborative effort involving the patient, the patient’s family, the physician and professional caregivers in providing health care in the home that improves the patient’s quality of life by:

  • Minimizing illness or disability
  • Maximizing the patient’s potential
  • Restoring, maintaining and improving health whenever possible
  • Promoting the patient’s independence and sense of well-being

There are many benefits to home care. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to provide health-care services, since it is more affordable than nursing homes or other institutions. Home care helps thousands of elderly and disabled residents maintain independence in performing daily activities; most individuals are much more comfortable being in a familiar home environment rather than in an institution. And studies have shown that recovery time can be quicker at home than in a hospital. Home care can be ideal for people who:

  • Are recovering from a recent hospitalization due to illness or surgery
  • Are in need of additional care after being released from a nursing home
  • Want to live independently but need assistance doing so due to a physical or psychological deficit
  • Have chronic health issues and need help managing their disease

Dependable Health Services understands how important it is to be in familiar surroundings, to have family and friends nearby, and to have professional health care available to enhance your quality of life.